Parking Committee

In the Fall of 2015, the OGHOA formed its own internal Parking Committee that met, developed a Mission Statement, and developed a set of parking recommendations that was unanimously approved by the OGHOA membership.

Mission Statement

The Parking Committee’s goal is to improve homeowners’ and residents’ access to parking near their homes during periods of peak parking congestion.

  • The Parking Committee seeks to evaluate parking throughout Ocean Grove to determine the extent of parking problems in different parts of town (i.e. ocean front, north end, Main Avenue).
  • The Parking Committee is aware of the need to balance the concerns of merchants, innkeepers and the OGCMA as it develops a plan to improve parking availability for homeowners and residents.
  • The Parking Committee will make recommendations for parking improvements to the full OGHOA and ultimately seek to have these recommendations enacted and implemented by Neptune Township.

To see the 45 page Parking Committee report on recommendations to improve parking in Ocean Grove unanimously approved at the April 9 Homeowner Meeting, click below:

Committee Recommendations for Improved Parking in Ocean Grove


In December of 2016, the Neptune Township Parking Task Force, having met throughout the Fall, submitted the following recommendations to the Neptune Township Committee:

Task Force Recommendations

Coincidentally, Asbury Park in the Fall of 2016 adopted a trial one-side-of-the-street permit parking program for the 2017 Summer Season:

Asbury Park Permit Parking