On Tuesday evening, November 28th, Dawn Crozier, the Neptune Township Deputy Tax Assessor gave a presentation at a Shark River Property Owners Meeting concerning our November 15th home assessments, appealing those assessments, and subsequent taxation. In a surprise, Neptune Tax Assessor Bernie Haney was also present and he added important comments throughout Dawn’s presentation. Below is the 52 minute audio record of that presentation.

Summary of North End Presentation HOA-11-25-23

Below are the results of our November 16-24 Membership Survey on the NE Redevelopment Project that the OGHOA took via our 1,165 person email list. These results have been [a] presented at our November 25th HOA Meeting, [b] presented at the November 27th Neptune Township Meeting, and [c] sent out in a membership email.

North End Redevelopment Project Survey Results


The Ocean Grove Home Owners Association was organized in 1953 and incorporated in 1987. The mission of the OGHOA is to protect and enhance property values and the quality of life in Ocean Grove. To that end, the Association provides a gathering place and forum for members and interested residents to discuss and exchange information and ideas about issues of concern to Ocean Grove homeowners.

The Association has always been involved in monitoring the activities of the local municipal and county governments; reporting to the members on those activities; and taking steps to direct the attention of elected and appointed government officials to the concerns of Ocean Grove residents.

OGHOA has always encouraged its members to take an active role in local government, and members of the Association have served, and continue to serve, on various boards and commissions of Neptune Township, including the Board of Education, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Rooming and Boarding House Commission, the Ocean Grove Sewerage Authority and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Although OGHOA is not a social organization, it continues the tradition, begun in its earliest days, of sponsoring an annual breakfast in the summer, a December Christmas party and the participation of its members in the annual Fourth of July and Founders’ Day celebrations.