North End Committee

The North End Committee was formed in response to concerns raised by Ocean Grove residents about the proposed redevelopment of the area of Ocean Grove known as the North End.  The North End site is the largest remaining undeveloped parcel of land in Ocean Grove, and residents were concerned about, among other things, the sheer size and density of the project and its impact on already scarce parking space; on the ability of emergency services to access the site; and on the burden that the project would impose on infrastructure such as streets and sewerage systems.

On Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 OGNED will start the presentation of the North End Redevelopment plan and support materials to the Neptune Township Planning Board at 7:00pm in the Township Meeting Room, 2nd floor, located at 25 Neptune Boulevard. OGNED has now signed agreements with both Neptune Township and the Camp Meeting Association. Therefore, this is a critical meeting for the potential approval of the actual North End Redevelopment plans and construction.  The OGHOA encourages all residents in Ocean Grove to attend so they can better understand the redevelopment and express concerns they may have.

Here are six important documents relevant to the upcoming planning meeting:

If you are eager to locate more NE Development documents, feel free to reach out to Richard Williams at

North End Redevelopment Dated Material

On Monday, November 26, 2018, the Neptune Township Committee will consider the adoption of a resolution authorizing the execution of a Conditional Designation and Interim Cost Agreement (the “Conditional Agreement”) between Neptune Township and OG North End Development, LLC (“OGNED”).  If approved the resolution will permit the Township to designate OGNED as the redeveloper of the North End, subject to OGNED’s fulfillment of conditions set out in the Conditional Agreement.

As a prerequisite to approval of the Conditional Agreement, OGNED was required to (a) submit to the Township a pre-Submission Form describing the structure of OGNED and including financial information in support of OGNED’s financial strength and ability to fund or obtain financing for the proposed redevelopment of the North End; (b) agree to pay or reimburse the Township for costs and fees incurred by the Township in connection the proposed redevelopment; (c) deposit $50,000.00 with the Township to secure payment of its costs and fees; and (d) submit a draft survey of the redevelopment site and a concept plan.  The concept plan will form the basis of a redevelopment agreement between the Township and OGNED that conforms to the requirements of the Redevelopment Plan adopted by the Township on March 24, 2008.

To view the resolution and the Conditional Agreement, click here.

To view the site plan: 2018-11-08 OGNED Site Plan Document.

For an update on recent developments concerning the North End Redevelopment Plan (NERP) click here: North End Committee Update May 2018.

The North End Committee continues to monitor the progress of the redevelopment process, as well as any activity in the North End for potential negative impact on the quality of life in Ocean Grove.

The members of the North End Committee are Joan Venezia, Connie Ogden, Carol Woidt, Ann Horan, Mark Kourey and Joyce Klein.  The committee is chaired by Joan Venezia.