North End Committee

The North End Committee was formed in response to concerns raised by Ocean Grove residents about the proposed redevelopment of the area of Ocean Grove known as the North End.  The North End site is the largest remaining undeveloped parcel of land in Ocean Grove, and residents were concerned about, among other things, the sheer size and density of the project and its impact on already scarce parking space; on the ability of emergency services to access the site; and on the burden that the project would impose on infrastructure such as streets and sewerage systems.

The current plan by the redeveloper, Ocean Grove North End Redevelopment LLC (OGNED), would redevelop the land bordered by Wesley Lake, the boardwalk and Spray Avenue, and includes two connected buildings containing 39 condominium units, a 40-room hotel, retail space along the boardwalk and ten single-family homes.  The site will include 165 surface and subsurface parking spaces [see renderings of proposed development].

In  November of 2019 and January of 2020, OGNED presented the North End Redevelopment Plan and supporting materials to the Neptune Township Planning Board.  The following documents were included in OGNED’s presentation.

At its January 2020 meeting, the Planning Board gave preliminary approval to OGNED’s plans.  Final Planning Board approval is  conditioned on approval of the fire safety plan by the Fire Department/Official, as well as the Neptune Historic Preservation Commission and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), including the issue of a permit under the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA).

In a letter dated April 15, 2020, the DEP advised OGNED  that its application was deficient on several grounds, including that the proposed underground parking is in and adjacent to a flood plain [April 15 DEP deficiency letter].  In its response, dated May 14, 2020, OGNED disputed DEP’s reliance on a preliminary flood map for design flood elevations. In a further response, dated May 28, 2020, the DEP rejected OGNED’s rationale for the use of a different flood map, and maintained that the application is deficient [May 14 OGNED response letter].  If the DEP determines that underground parking cannot be included in the redevelopment, the future of the planned development may be in jeopardy because the Redevelopment Plan approved by Neptune Township in 2008 requires both underground parking, and that OGNED meet RSIS standards for sufficient parking. On June 16, 2020, NJDEP and OGNED representatives met to discuss the open issues, including underground parking.

The North End Committee

The North End Committee continues to monitor the progress of the redevelopment process, as well as any activity in the North End for potential negative impact on the quality of life in Ocean Grove.

The members of the North End Committee are Connie Ogden, Carol Woidt, Ann Horan, Mark Kourey and Joyce Klein.  The committee is chaired by Joan Venezia.