November 2022 Minutes

A regular meeting of the OGHOA was held on Saturday, Saturday November 27th, 2023 in the Camp Meeting Community Room, 28 Pilgrim Pathway.


The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:00 am. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by recognition of special guests.


Neptune Township Clerk Gabriella Siboni addressed our home owners. She provided her own personal background and gave an overview of her responsibilities as Township Clerk. She concluded with current projects that she has been working on. Many member questions followed.



    • Dates for the next Township Committee Meetings were provided.
    • Many December/Holiday events in Ocean Grove were detailed.
    • The December OGHOA Holiday Party will be on December 10th at the Jersey Shore Arts Center. Special entertainment will be provide by Scarlet Sound, the a cappella singing group fromNeptune High School.
    • On January 28th our HOA Meeting will be an open forum to discuss the many issues impacting the ongoing relationship between the OGHOA and CMA.

Committee Reports:

    • North End – Joan Venezia‘s update is posted on our website but Joan did address several member questions..
    • Parking – Joyce Klein reported on the efforts of the Parking Working Group to develop a solid proposal for a Resident Permit Parking Program (RPPP). The group has worked extensively and made internal compromises in order to fine tune a workable plan.  More details will be provided going forward.
    • Preservation – Ron Goldfaden provided an update on his committee’s activities. Along with the Township they are currently monitoring 11 properties in need of repair or possibly demolition. They are also exploring whether there may be resources and/or funding  to provide some degree of financial relief for homeowners who do not have the means to correct deficiencies. Ron will provide ongoing updates.
    • Bike Path – Barbara Burns reported that the Camp Meeting has received documentation in order to proceed development of the path but so far the CMA has submitted nothing in return to the state. 


    • Joyce Klein provided an overview of the tax assessment process, how to interpret the numbers, and if desired, how to prepare and make an appeal of the assessment.
    • Nancy Clarke reported reported that Neptune Township had applied to the State 2 years ago for CLG certification and the state responded requesting additional information. To date the Township has not supplied this additional information, and Nancy requested at the most recent Township Meeting that they Township respond to get the CLG process moving forward again.


The floor was opened for the privilege of general comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50am. Respectfully submitted by Theresa Checki, Secretary OGHOA.