October 2016

A regular meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (“the Association”) was held on Saturday,  October 22, 2016 at the Ocean Grove Community Room.  Barbara Burns chaired the meeting  and Theresa Checki  served as Secretary.

The meeting was called to order by Barbara Burns, President of the Association, at 10 am.  Welcome remarks were followed by the flag salute.

Captain McGhee presented an update to the group.  Nothing much to report, but he did urge residents to keep their doors locked.

The primary focus of the meeting was the Candidates Forum for those running for the Neptune Township Committee.  All four candidates for the two open seats participated—Robert Lane and Carol Rizzo, the Democratic Incumbents and Michael Fornino and Candy Storey, the Republican challengers.  Following a brief statement by each of the candidates, a lively discussion ensued on a broad range of topics, including taxes, parking, school funding and drainage issues.  Each of the candidates concluded with a closing statement.

State Senator Jennifer Beck also made a presentation of initiatives in Trenton that may affect us including the increase in gasoline taxes, allocation of taxes, stabilization of taxes and tax credits for affordable housing.

Pastor John Digiamberardino, CEO of the Camp Meeting Association was introduced to the group with an invitation extended to be our guest speaker at the Association’s November meeting

Barbara Burns resumed the business portion of the meeting.

Dues Increase:  A motion was made and APPROVED to increase Association annual dues from  $10 to $20 (Motion by Ken Buckley, second by Richard Williams; no votes in opposition.)

Committee Reports:

Parking—Task force efforts are progressing with a proposal expected by year-end.

Ground Rent—issue has been resolved.   The importance of maintaining an open dialogue with Camp Meeting leadership was stressed in order to avoid future issues.  The total cost to the Association to resolve this issue was approximately $7,100. Thanks to both Barbara Burns and Pastor John Digiamberardino were expressed.

Derelict Buildings –  No report.

North End  – No Report.

The meeting adjourned at 12 Noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa R.Checki, Secretary