January 2017

A regular meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (“the Association”) was held on Saturday, January 28, 2017  at the Ocean Grove Community Room.  Barbara Burns chaired the meeting,  and Theresa Checki  served as Secretary.

The meeting was called to order by Barbara Burns, President of the Association, at 10:05 am.  Welcome remarks were followed by the flag salute.

Captain McGhee introduced Officer John Jackson, who will be a liaison to the Association.  He reported that there was nothing new to report.  He did indicate that the current number of full time police officers is now 79.

Treasurer’s Report:  George Germann presented a picture of the Association’s financial condition over the past three years.  He reported that while income had increased so had expenses, in particular the cost of liability insurance.  The checking account balance at year-end was $11,293; the legal fund declined to $5,977 (as a result of legal costs relating to ground rent issues).  The total balance in all three funds is $25,357.

Parking Committee:  Joyce Klein reported on efforts of the Neptune Township Committee Parking Task Force.  After months of effort, the only recommendations put forth at this time are the addition of angle parking on parts of Main Street and Central Avenue resulting in an increase of 40-60 spaces, and the enforcement of ordinances governing the parking of commercial vehicles. Time restricted parking in the Main Avenue business district  will be discussed further.  Much discussion followed on the issue of parking.  As a point of information, it was reported that Asbury Park has approved permit parking for residents only in certain parts of the city. Concern voiced on the impact this action will have on Ocean Grove.

President’s report:  Barbara Burns reported that the use variance sought by a potential purchaser of the Laingdon Hotel was withdrawn without prejudice.  She indicated that going forward the Association must be prepared to respond to future challenges.  In order to enable a timely response to an emerging issue, the Board of Trustees would authorize the expenditure of up to $5,000, should the need arise.  Any such action would be reported to the membership.  It was also reported that the snow removal ordinances are being enforced.

Historic Preservation Commission:  Representatives Deborah Osepchuk and Jenny Shaffer of the Neptune Township Historic Preservation Commission gave an exceedingly informative presentation.  First was a slide presentation recounting the historical review of the development, growth and changes that have occurred in Ocean Grove  over the past 180 years.

This was followed by a presentation and discussion of the importance and value of historic preservation. A lengthy discussion continued on the differences between the HPC and Neptune Township Zoning Board of Appeal, as well as the process involved in applying to the HPC for approval of changes to the exterior of a home or other building.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa R. Checki, Secretary of the Association