May 2018

A regular meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (OGHOA) was held on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 10 am at the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association community room, 24 Pilgrim Pathway. Barbara Burns chaired the meeting and Theresa Checki served as Secretary.

The meeting was called to order by Barbara Burns, President of the OGHOA, at 10:05 am. Welcome remarks were followed by a prayer and flag salute.

Announcements: Barbara welcomed the guest speakers—Diana Harris, President of the Midtown Urban Renaissance Corp (MURC) and Jenny Shaffer, HPC. Also present was Mike Badger, President, OGCMA.

  • The Memorial Day parade starts at 10 am at the Neptune High School, will pause at the Broadway memorial for taps and a 10-gun salute, come down Main Street and conclude by the Youth Temple.
  • The June Guest speaker will be Neptune Police Deputy Chief Larry Fisher.
  • The Shuffle Board Committee will host a membership meeting on June 7.
  • Additionally, at the June meeting nominations for candidates for the following positions for OGHOA Officers and Board of Trustees memebers will be accepted: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and one BOT member. If there are any contested positions, candidates will be given the opportunity to speak at the July meeting.

Police Liaison Report: Officer Chris Monahan provided an update on issues in Ocean Grove; discussing parking issues homeless population on beach , no smoking rules on beach and the need for all to be security conscious and if you ”see something, say something.

Treasurer’s Report: George Germann reported that the Association is in fine financial shape. The account’s opening balance was $11,421 with income (membership and donations)and expense transactions year to date resulting in a closing balance of $17,384. Balances in the three legal funds total $23,526.

Parking Committee: It was noted that a few more angle parking spots have been put in on Central Ave.

Speakers:  Dianna Harris (MURC) and Jenny Shaffer (HPC) gave an enlightening illustrated history of African-Amercican life in midtown Neptune during the 1940’s through 60’s, focusing on prominent homes, businesses and hotels. Despite racial discrimination reflective of the entire nation, a vibrant local community thrived and midtown was an exciting hub for top-tier black musicians performing in Asbury Park as well as a renown vacation mecca for black travelers.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,  Theresa Checki, Secretary for the OGHOA