July 2023 Meeting Minutes

A regular meeting of the OGHOA was held on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at 10 am, in the Camp Meeting Community Room, 28 Pilgrim Pathway.


The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:05 am. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by recognition of special guests Rob Lane and Tassie York, Members of the Neptune Township Committee.

Our Neptune Police Liaison, Matt Kacon, discussed crimes of opportunity. He urged all to call the police to report anything suspicious or if cars are speeding or parked illegally in Ocean Grove.


Our guest speaker was Graham Messick, a neighbor and an eight-time Emmy award winning producer of 60 Minutes. This presentation is the first of what will be an ongoing speaker series called “Notable Neighbors” where we will intermittently feature guest speakers who are Ocean Grove residents with surprising and exceptional careers or stories. Graham’s presentation included slides and anecdotal information on many of the stories he has produced for 60 Minutes over the past 20+ years. His entertaining presentation was followed by many questions from the audience.


2023 Board of Trustees Election:

    • This year there were three candidates for two, 4-year positions on the BOT. Upon entering the meeting room, attendees were requested to check in so that voting eligibility (member of OGHOA prior to July 1) could be verified. An index card was given to each eligible member. Richard described the voting process and introduced the candidates, Ron Goldfaden, Ric Kleinbart and Joyce Venezia, who each spoke for 3 minutes. Paper ballots were exchanged for the index cards and voting members placed them in voting boxes. Election results: Venezia 51, Goldfaden 45 and Kleinbart 34.


    • Next Township Committee meeting – August 14 back at Borough Hall (note: the elevator has been repaired.)
    • July 22 – Summer Stroll and St Paul’s Barbeque
    • July 29 – Ladies Aux. Marketplace and Founders’ Day
    • August 5 – Shredding in Neptune
    • August 9 – Fish & Chips dinner and Ice Cream Social
    • August 26 – HOA Breakfast at the Firehouse. Tickets available at end of meeting and at the Cheese Shop

Committee Reports:

    • Barbara Burns spoke on the CMA bike/fitness path and Sunday morning beach access.


    • Michael Badger, President of the CMA, provided an update on the bike/fitness path (it is in its preliminary design phase) and the repair of the pickleball court.

The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon. Respectfully submitted by Theresa Checki, Secretary OGHOA.