June 2021

A regular membership  meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (OGHOA) was held on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 10:00 am in the Camp Meeting Community Room, 28 Pilgrim Pathway, Ocean Grove, and via Zoom.

The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:00 am. Richard welcomed everyone and began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Richard offered lovely comments to welcome everyone back to the first live OGHOA meeting in over a year. However, he also committed the OGHOA to continuinig Zoom coverage of its future live meetings.

Nominations for Board of Trustees:  Under the revised by-laws providing a new term of office for one BOT position, BOT member Mark Kourey resigned as a formality, and was then renominated for a new 4 year term. There were no other nominations offered.  Mark offered a few biographical remarks. We will vote on his nomination in July.

Richard recognized Vince Cartier for his expert efforts in technical meeting setup and production.

Real Estate in Ocean Grove – Bob Lamont introduced our two Guest Speakers: Thea Bowers, ReMax Gateway Realtors and Denise Sherman Pula, Jack Green Realtors.

They covered a broad range of topics including recent changes in the market place and an assessment of how this pandemic year has affected prices as well as supply and demand on both housing and rentals. They also touched on the effect that elevated housing prices might have on property taxes.

Their presentations were detailed, comprehensive and most informative – and numerous questions and discussion followed.


  • Township Committee meetings – June 28 and July 26
  • July 4th parade to be held on July 3
  • Independence Day Concert – July 3 at 7:30 pm
  • Ocean Grove Summer band first concert – July 14, 7:30 pm
  • The OGHOA will be expanding its online presence – expect a July HOA Meeting update on new initiatives

The issue of congested overhead cables was again raised – at a prior HOA meeting Erna Vanderberg had raised concern about the number of unused overhead cables throughout Ocean Grove.  Barbara Burns replied that she had reached out to complain to the BPU which promised prompt followup and we should be seeing some improvement in this area soon.

Chair of the OGHOA Volunteer Committee Barbara Burns urged interested individuals to come forward and volunteer to join the Committee.  Ocean Grove depends on volunteers and the goal of the Committee is to create more areas of opportunity for our members to volunteer.

North End —Nothing new to report on development, although the DPW still has work to do to clean up the site.

The meting adjourned at 11:20 am. Respectfully submitted,

Theresa R. Checki, Secretary