June 2018

A regular meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association was held on Saturday, June 23, at 10 am at the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Community Room, 24 Pilgrim Pathway. Ocean Grove.

The meeting was called to order by Barbara Burns, President at 10:03 AM with  the flag salute and prayer.


  • HPC will host an informational session immediately following the Homeowner’s meeting.  All are invited to attend.
  • MURC has a musical event scheduled for July 7.

Police Liaison – Officer Monahan reported on events in Ocean Grove.  He urged everyone to be attentive – “If you see something, say something.”   Questions followed.

Treasurer’s Report — George Germann reported that the Association in is very good financial condition.  There are 377 members and the closing balance in the regular account is $17,558 and in the legal fund $23,536

Association Elections:  Nominations were made as follows:  Barbara Burns, President; Richard Williams, Vice President; George German, Treasurer; Theresa Checki, Secretary; and Ken Buckley Trustee.  Voting will be at the July meeting.

Parking—Joyce Klein reported that although a few new spots have been created on Central Avenue, there has been a lack pf progress with the Township Committee on real parking improvements.  In as much as there seems to be little interest on the part of the Township Committee in devising  a solution to Ocean Grove’s parking problems, homeowners are urge to attend Township Committee meeting to make our feelings known.  Questions followed—3-hour parking in the business district has been tabled.

Guest Presentation:  Larry Fisher, Deputy Chief of the Neptune Police.  Deputy Chief Fisher’s presentation was follow by questions.

Before the meeting adjourned, OG Fire Chief Joe San Felice addressed the group re: fire safety now that summer is here.

The meeting adjourned at 11:08 am.

Respectfully submitted,  Theresa Checki, Secretary for the OGHOA