July 2021

A regular membership  meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (OGHOA) was held on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 10:00 am in the Camp Meeting Community Room, 28 Pilgrim Pathway, Ocean Grove, and via Zoom.

The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:00 am. Richard welcomed everyone and began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

An election was held for an open position on the OGHOA Board of Trustees – Mark Kourey had been nominated for a 4-year term, and by unanimous consent was elected. 

This was a different format meeting conceived as an open forum for the membership  of the OGHOA to voice their concerns and to raise and address questions of interest to the community. The Board of Trustees of the OGHOA, seated at the front of the room, was introduced.

Topic:  Property taxes and they how they are calculated.  Dawn Freeman, Assistant Property Tax Appraiser, presented the process for establishing value and the process for appeal.  Some key dates—property assessment done as of October 1, property cards sent out on November 15 and appeals must be filed by January 15 of the following year. See NeptuneTownship.org for more specific information. 

Questions followed.

Topic:  Police Liaison Officer Chris Monahan provided an overview of issues in the community; from parking complaints, stolen bikes, burglaries.  He emphasized “if you see something, say something”.  He also mentioned that, for those who are interested, video surveillance cameras installed on home exteriors have been of assistance to police. 

Questions followed.

Topic:  From the audience a question on flooding on Broadway.  Former President Barbara Burns addressed this and added residents should attempt to prevent debris from building up on storm sewer grates to allow water to flow freely.

Topic:  Social Media – BOT Member Nancy Clark described several new initiatives being undertaken by the OGHOA to improve communications with residents.  In addition to notification of upcoming meetings, information on issues of interest, i.e. North end updates, parking updates and upcoming events and much more will be posted.   See  OGHOA.org for additional information.

Topic:  From the audience a question on Air B&Bs and VRBOs.  BOT Vice President Joyce Klein reviewed the Township rules for short term rentals with accompanying slides were quite specific.  FYI, the Township Committee has not imposed any ordinance changes to limit these short term rentals (less than a week).  There are no minimum requirements for length of stays.  A Code of Conduct Document developed by a fellow resident, will be modified and put on the OGHOA website.

Questions followed.

Topic:  From the audience a question on overhead wires.  This issue had been raised by member Erna Vanderberg several meetings ago.  She, along with Barbara Burns pursued the problem of these abundant, nonfunctional wires on the poles around town with the BPU.  The issue is under review by the service providers.

Topic:  Green Committee Chair Bob Lamont reported that the Committee, whose mission is to looks for ways to promote good conservation practices and reduce our carbon footprint in Ocean Grove, is seeking new members. Its next meeting is August 18.  Please contact Bob if you are interested.

Topic: Fletcher Lake Commission – Rob Lane, Neptune Township Committeeman, reported that volunteers are being sought.

Topic:  Food Trucks – Richard Williams gave a brief report of food trucks around town.  The Neptune Township Committee will be discussing this issue at its meeting on Monday, July 26, 2021.

Topic: Ken Buckley Memorial—Barbara Burns provided an update.  A tree has been planted in his memory in Auditorium Park. A commemorative plaque has been ordered and a dedication date will be announced.

Richard Williams made the following announcements—

  • Neptune Township Committee meeting:  July 26 and August 23
  • Music on Main is this Afternoon
  • July 29- Summer Stars
  • August 8 – Artists Paint Around to support ST. Paul’s Angels Fund
  • August 14- Victorian Day
  • OGHOA – next meeting is the August breakfast set for August 28 at the Youth Temple.  Ticket information will be forthcoming.

Eric Houghtaling, our NJ State Assemblyman, said a quick hello and looks forward to seeing everyone at the HOA Breakfast.

The meting adjourned at 11:32 am. Respectfully submitted,

Theresa R. Checki, Secretary