February 2023 Meeting Minutes

A regular meeting of the OGHOA was held on Saturday, Saturday February 24th, 2023 in the Camp Meeting Community Room, 28 Pilgrim Pathway.

OPENING The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:05 am. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by recognition of special guests.

Police Liaison Tressa Yurman was welcomed back from her maternity leave.  Her report included an update on car burglaries and the tough issue of pan handlers in Ocean Grove. Questions followed.


Committee Report:

    • Parking – Joyce Klein provided an optimistic update.  The parking proposal is on the agenda for The Township Committee Workshop session set for 2/27/2023 — particulars of the plan are posted on the HOA website. Joyce emphasized that passage by the Township Committee is not assured and she urged all to attend the Township Meeting and speak out in favor.  Questions followed.


Richard opened with the premise that the Forum would center on the relationship between the HOA and the CMA. The Forum would be in two parts: first three presentations, and then a general membership discussion. He encouraged everyone to participate in the discussion, promising all would be heard and all comments respected.

First, the three presentations:

    • Barbara Burns, former OGHOA President, provided a comprehensive overview of the history of Ocean Grove.
    • Shane Martins, OG resident and President of the newly created Neptune United, presented a review of the reasons why Neptune United was formed and the issues that were important to his new organization.
    • Michael Badger, President of the CMA, offered a few comments in response to the Neptune United presentation.

The three presentations were lengthy and thought provoking. The membership discussion that ensued was passionate, at times contentious, and surprisingly dominated by those critical of the CMA. Richard concluded by thanking everyone who participated in the Forum and reiterated the need for the HOA and the CMA to do their best to work together for the common benefit of all.


The long meeting was adjourned at 12:25pm. Respectfully submitted by Theresa Checki, Secretary OGHOA.