February 2022 Meeting Minutes

A regular membership  meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners Association (OGHOA) was held on Saturday, February 26, 2022 in the Community Room and via Zoom.

The meeting was called to order by Richard Williams, President, at 10:02 am. Richard welcomed all and opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Neptune Police Liaison Patrolwoman Tressa Yurman gave a brief presentation on Olice issues in Ocean Grove including snow removal, panhandlers, and speeding cars, and she answered membership questions.

Guest Speaker:

Richard introduced David Milmoe, Director, Neptune Department of Public Works. David provided a snapshot of his personal and professional background, and then spoke of the role of DPW with respect to to Ocean Grove.  He mentioned the uniqueness of Ocean Grove and its many challenges, especially its narrow streets making it difficult for trash collection and snow removal.  He indicated that this year his focus would be on improving the maintenance of our parks. Membership questions followed..


  • There will be three upcoming Neptune Township Committee Monday meetings—February 28, March 14 and 28.
  • The guest speaker for the March OGHOA meeting will be Oceanographer Phillip Orton of the Stevens Institute of Technology. His presentation will cover climate change and rising seas.

Business Meeting:

  • Parking – Joyce Klein reported that the new Neptune Parking Task Force had its first meeting with a representative of the Township Committee. It was a general discussion of goals and next steps with no definitive news to report.
  • North End Development– Joyce Klein reported that the Planning Board has met and has granted a 1-year extension to OGNED to begin construction, and that OGNED’s plans have been submitted to the HPC.
  • Ground Rent – Barbara Burns reported that this issue is an evolving one.  So far only commercial leases are involved.  This is being closely monitored to insure that a spread to residential properties does not occur.
  • Pickleball – Richard reported that recreational play of pickleball on the courts at Broadway & Central has become a significant controversy with complaints from a few of the neighbors living near the courts on the noise made by the ball.  New controversial winter rules for play have been put forth by the Camp Meeting, and Spring rules have yet to be published.  There were lots of questions as well as a degree of outrage from the from the many pickleball players in the audience.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45am. Respectfully submitted, Theresa R. Checki, OGHOA Secretary.