Sample Parking Survey Suggestions

Here are some sample suggestions from over 250 responses to the Fall 2015 Parking Survey:

Mark Spaces to prevent the parking games with holding spots.

Permit parking for residents with clear markings and the authorities willing to enforce it.

Create a beach parking trolley that gives discounts to beach badge holders.

Free seasonal homeowner street parking permits.

All parking east of Central Avenue should be permit only except for the beach front.

Provide more off street parking at north end and south end for beach goers.

Build a large parking garage/deck at the North End to accommodate all beach goers.

Find a way to guarantee a spot on the block for residents of that block.

How about some sort of expanded service to help day trippers and weekenders park near the gates and provide a shuttle.

Ticket people who block sidewalks and enforce current parking regulations.

Off-site parking at the Neptune school.

Make streets running north/south resident parking only.

One resident spot per house.

Evening and resident overnight parking only.

Meters on Ocean Avenue would help by deterring Asbury Park and Bradley Beach beach goers from seeking free parking in OG.

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