April 2017

A regular meeting of the Ocean Grove Homeowners’ Association (the Association) was held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the Ocean Grove Youth Temple.  OGHOA President Barbara Burns chaired the meeting and Theresa Checki served as secretary of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Barbara Burns at approximately 10:10 am.  The meeting opened with a prayer followed by the flag salute.

A proclamation to honor Kathy Arlt and all her contributions to the Ocean Grove community was presented.  Announcements were made concerning the Spring Fling set for Saturday, May 6 and the hearing on the driveway variance request on May 3.

Police Officer John Jackson, Neptune police liaison to Ocean Grove, provided an update to the group on the police initiative for greater community outreach.  In addition, he reported that there have been a number of car burglaries—keep car and home doors locked.

Treasurer’s report:  George Germann  reported that the Association’s general fund closing balance was $14,265 and the Legal defense fund balance was $23,403.14.  New hats and tote bags are available for purchase.

Parking report:  Joyce Klein reported that the Neptune Council will have a second  and final reading of the ordinance allowing for the potential addition of about 18 angle parking spots.

There was a forum for the candidates running for the Neptune Board of Education.  Five of the six candidates participated—incumbents Dwayne Breeden and William Wells, and JoAnn Valentine, a new member of their team; and challengers Brady Connaughton and Dorothea Fernandez.  Questions from the audience followed the candidates’ presentations.

A presentation by Michael  Manzanella, Transportation  Manager for Asbury Park, was made.  He reported on some of the actions that Asbury Park has taken to alleviate its parking problems – fee based permit parking and the expansion of metered parking.  He also indicated that Asbury is investigating ways of moving people into and around the city without the use of cars.  Questions followed his presentation.

The meeting adjourned at 12 Noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Theresa R. Checki, Secretary of the Association