Neptune Township Property Revaluation

Neptune Township Property Revaluation
A 2014 Primer

1. For anyone who missed the July meeting of the Ocean Grove Home Owners Association, or anyone who would like a refresher, following are the steps in the 2014 revaluation process:

2. An inspector from Realty Appraisal will visit your home to do a visual inspection. All inspectors are required to carry a photo ID. Generally, the inspector will measure the outside dimensions of the home, and count the number of bathrooms. The inspector may also ask whether you have renovated or added to your home since the date you acquired it.

3. In November, letters will go out to each homeowner with a preliminary valuation of the home. Homeowners who believe that the preliminary valuation is inaccurate may call Realty Appraisal to set up an appointment to discuss the valuation.

4. Realty Appraisal’s notes of each meeting with a homeowner will be delivered to the Neptune Township Tax Assessor, who will make a final determination of valuation.

5. A second letter, with a final valuation, will be then sent to homeowners.

6. In approximately the last two weeks of December, every homeowner will receive a postcard confirming the assessed valuation of his or her home for 2015.

7. Homeowners who wish to appeal their assessment have until January 2015 to file an appeal with the Monmouth County Board of Taxation.

Note that each communication (letters and post card) will contain information about how to proceed to the next step in the process. If you have questions, you should contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at (732) 988-5200, x 248.